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Natalie Portman Has Amazing Blonde Hair Now


Natalie Portman is officially a blonde and she looks absolutely gorgeous. The actress has always been a brunette and for her to take her hair a couple shades lighter is a big step, but fortunately she rocks it! Portman is definitely one amazing actress and she is said to have lighten her hair for her role in Thor: The Dark World. Make sure you read about Stylish “The Closer” Actress Kyra Sedgwick Arrives At Airport to see her latest fashion.

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Miley Cyrus Reveals Side Boob


Lately, Miley Cyrus has been transforming her look from the girl next door to the punk rocker next door. She has now been causing some stir after a recent trip to Whole Foods store with her fiance Liam Hemsworth in Studio City, California. She showed up to the food joint wearing a black skirt and a sleeveless shirt that was low cut on the sides the exposed her side boob. If she would have bent over her entire breast would have came out since she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then to top everything off she was wearing a thick rope chain around her neck. What was she thinking? To get a glimpse of what she is thinking check out @MileyCyrus as she updates her Twitter account often.

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Ellen DeGeneres Thinking About Starting A Family


Ellen DeGeneres has been married to her girlfriend of many years for some time now. The two have stated that they are more than ready to start a family. They are in the process of looking up different alternatives in how to develop their new family.

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Celebrating MJ Last Living Days


June 25th is the three year date of Michael Jackson’s death. That was a very sorrowful moment when Michael Jackson was gone at fifty years old from heart failure at his home. Dr. Conrad Murray , who was his private doctor which was allowing him to mix too many different dangerous meds. Once the autopsy report mention that the untimely death was a homicide, Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary murder and is now doing a four year term in prison.

The King Of Pop had one of the greatest singing careers to date and he mentored so many newbie musicians. Thousands of affectionate fans and quite a few of musicians took to their Twitter profiles to say something sincere for the no longer alive pop icon. The King of Pop’s tracks will last till the end of time for decades in the future live on till the world ends!



Pregnant Reality TV Stars In The Industry


If it went over your head, yet again there’s another outrageous baby fever with ladies in Performing Arts. There’s a lot of beautiful & leading ladies in Tv that are as of recent expecting moms to be. A couple of these ladies entail, the lovely, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicole Snooki Polizzi & numerous more.

Gals more than never before show off that they want to become procreators & want to put to good use their maternal instincts preferably than making appearances all the time. All of these well known, pregnant ladies are looking so happy as they clutch onto motherhood.

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Miley Cyrus Sports Newly Chopped Wedding Hair Style


Engaged Miley Cyrus choose to traumatism the social media community when she shared a new gallery of pictures of herself with her hair shaved for the most part. Miley Cyrus had well known hairstylist Chris McMillan shave all of her medium length hair off and she enjoys every single bit of attention she is getting. Ms. Miley Cyrus struggles to step away from the Disney star that loads of people look at her as. Everyone is absolutely hoping that she plans on wearing extensions for her nuptials though, because that hairstyle is a bit odd. Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus’ soon to be husband must be deeply in love with her because that hair style is out of hand. The image is courtesy of Twitter.


Mr. Jack Osbourne Moving Forward With MS


In the beginning of this week Jack Osbourne told press that he has been told by doctors that he has MS. The report is heartbreaking more so since he was given the diagnosis of this disease simply 2 weeks after the welcoming of his daughter. It has been said that Mr. Jack Osbourne brought to light about his condition around March.  Mr. Jack Osbourne revealed to People magazine, “Why now?” Jack Osbourne is in has late 20s, and physicians have stated that lots of individuals are indentified with multiple sclerosis in the age range of their 20s to 50s.  Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that largely damages the central nervous system. Men and women with this medical issue can have a vision lost, numbness throughout and even paralysis. Physicians have said with the right medicines Mr. Jack Osbourne can live a fulfilled life to grow old into.



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